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Treatment for fluctuating BP?

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I have fluctuating blood pressure. I had stress test and MRI for heart the result was normal 3 months ago as Conclusion of the test:
1. No evidence of ischemia or onfraction.
2. normal left ventricular size and systolic wall motion.
3. Normal left ventricular function with an ejection fraction of 72%
4. Good exercise capacity
5. Normal heart rate and blood pressure response to exercise.
after 3 months I felt high blood pressue of 169/117 and I was sweating so much and ran to emergency. I monitored my BP for 24 hours the result were as:
- 24 hrs average Sys/Dia 123.3 / 87.7
- Sys BP reading above 130 25%
- Diast. BP reading above 80 87%
- Syst. BP at night above 125 33%
-Diast. BP at night above 80% 55.5 %
- Day-Time Sys/diast 12.2/90.1
- Night timr Syst/Diast average 121.6/83.3
-From 10am 3:00 pm average 123/94
-Every night aroung 8 pm BP reading about 159/108
- From 9 pm to 1 am BP reading average 135/93
- From 3:30 am 9:30 BP average is 102/80
When Syst/diast BP reading is above 140/100 I start feeling like hot flush and sweat like crazy. All this happened within last 2 weeks and my blood test showed every thing is negative and normal except LDL colestrol was high with triglyceride but i had HDL very good which is 60.
I tried medication last year as half of lowest dose and brought my BP very low such as 80/60 which I thought I will die and got unconscious .
I would like to hear if someone had same problem or there is way to help my BP problem.
Thanks for reading.
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First Helper Zoroastrian

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replied July 6th, 2011
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Hi Zoroastrian and welcome to ehealth: I, too, had fluctuating blood pressure...However, mine would act up when I went to the doctor...I think you call it "white coat syndrome"..Either way I got my own BP Monitor and started taking it myself...I then changed my diet to hardly any salt and have since lost 28 pounds...I found that stress can be a killer...Worry makes it worse...The secret for me was relaxing and the physician added a water reducing 25 mg. pill to it...I can't recall what it is right this minute...

From my experience along this line and what my BP is right now which was 116/69/61, I believe I have conquered this problem...I take it three times a week since I have reached this goal...Again I will say that stress and lack of worry, plus the salt and sugar consumption, are the things that have helped me...Either way, good luck...Take care...

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