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Traumatic masturbatory syndrome or PSAS?

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What creditable information is out on both of these?

20/20 had a program about Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome.

It is my understanding that until recently TMS was only found to be a male condition.

In a forum for TMS I found I could relate to the problems, however in the 20/20 program about PSAS, they seemed to describe very simmular symptums as TMS.

Either way...... I just want to know if others feel like me and I like them.

Anyone know more information?
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replied March 26th, 2008
Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome is:
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What is Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome?
Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome (TMS) is the habit some males have of masturbating in a face-down (prone) position. Some TMS practitioners rub their penises against the mattress, pillow, or other bedding, while others thrust into their hand. Some rub against the floor.

What's the correct way?
Over 90 percent of males lie on their backs and make a fist around their penises and stroke in an up and down motion. Nearly all TMS practitioners are aware that males usually masturbate this way, but many think that their way is merely a harmless variation, or even that it's better than regular masturbation. All men who masturbate face-down think the way they masturbate is more similar to missionary-style intercourse than conventional masturbation is.

Dr. Lewis Sank MD conducted a brief study where he found that males who masturbate like this put to much pressure on the base of the penis and testicles, making conventional intercourse extremely difficult to mimic.

What is conventional intercourse?
Well i cant answer that one but, since i "suffer" from this
TMS (learning to masturbate wrong) i will only be able to achieve climax with a woman if she is on her back, and i lay on top, or if she is on her stomach and i lay on top, it just wont happen with a woman on top of me.

Erectile Dysfunction.
As for erectile dysfunction, (unable to get an erection) i do not suffer from this that badly... i can only get a strong erection while in prone positions, or just wake up with a hard on.

Theory's behind why some males learn different ways to masturbate can range from their blood types to circumcised or uncircumcised or to their first binkie's color. -- Its just unknown.

Solution, I propose that schools make a special effort in sexual education for boys and girls to teach them the dangers of certain bad habits with masturbation... i don't know much about the female masturbation practice but I'm sure there are dangers out there as well,
I'm not saying TMS is a bad thing at all yet but maybe its time to weigh the facts, hand use masturbation can cause some problems (curvature), hand-free masturbation can cause some problems
(loss of sensitivity to areas of the penis), the best bet i can see is fleshlights for boys at around age 5-7 or so, and dildos/vibrators for girls at around age 5-7 or so but, I'm not professional here i just feel like the subject went taboo for so long that a problem was bound to arise.

yes i "suffer" from this symptom but its alright with me that i cant perform acrobatics during sexual intercourse but the wierd part to me is this one, iv masturbated this way for about 16 years now, and im worried a girl will think I'm weird when i tell her we gotta do this face to face and it will be a full body contact "sport", another weird part is yeah i have rubbed on a floor and got off... i don't do that, but when i was in Hawaii for a month with my family the only time i could get to myself was in the bathroom...

iv talked with my mom about this before, (yes all guys get "caught" but i just hate how masturbation has to feel shameful) she suggested a sex therapist...
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replied March 26th, 2008
i have tms... and if me and a girl were to engage in sexual activity, id probably make her feel slightly uncomfortable, with more like a pound the ground style sex, that could only arouse the bottom side of her vaginal wall... so all in all... that is face to face style sex right there... but if she were to lay on her belly and i lay on top i could almost guarantee a good orgasm for the parties involved, alot of people out there like to do acrobatics with sex for me that just cant happen, best off just laying flat on top of a girl and do the dirty... a female with tms is like a godsend for me, cause it would be a very good match for sexual pleasure with me hopefully partnership as well.
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replied September 23rd, 2009
I suffered from TMS from the age of [gasp] 10 until I was 21. It was a difficult process to masturbate the correct way, but this message should inspire you all:

11 years of TMS + 8 Years of wearing Boxerbriefs...and my sperm is still viable...I GOT MY GF PREGNANT!
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replied October 28th, 2009
TMS rehab.. how long does it take
so hang on. did you not masterbate for 8 years :/ ???

I suffer from the problem but i've done it for 9 years and i'm now trying to masterbate the proper way but i'm wondering how long it would take for it to be physically possible?
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