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Trauma/Fear of Pets Dying

I have a pretty persistent fear of my pets dying. I have bad dreams about them and nightmares on occasion. I was traumatized when my last two cats died and I have two new ones now and I fear their death. I get pretty worked up about it and even at nights sometimes I have flashbacks of my pets dying and how I held them for the last time. Is this something other people have had before? I get pretty emotional thinking about it and sometimes it's simply too difficult for me to recall so I repress the memories in a way. I don't want to see my pets die but at the same time I know everyone dies at some point but it's just hard for me to have to deal with the reminders that I feel I get. Even stories about peoples' pets dying is enough to trigger the intrusive thoughts I have about my own and how they will be gone one day.
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replied April 13th, 2018
Hi Soccer1058,
I can understand your point. We know, one day everyone dies who is present on earth. So don't think about that just spend a great time with your pets.
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