Okay this is a weird one, and I've tried to search for an answer online, but every way I manage to word it yields no results.

Ever get trapped in an internet loop? Where you just start searching up random things that leads you on and on into a cycle of searches? Well this weird phenomenon happens when I do this, and I'm not sure what's happening or why it happens when I do this but here goes...

I was looking up an old movie I watched as a kid, and on the IMDB page it listed the actors, out of curiosity I just clicked on them, to see what they looked like now. I was scrolling through the images and the strangest thing happens.

My vision becomes oddly unfocused, not that it becomes blurry or anything, but more like I'm only looking rather than SEEING for a second, and I get a weird electrical sensation in my temples, and I hear an odd electrical sound almost like a microwave.

This also occurred a few weeks ago, I was searching up this dwarf guy who was yelling at a trumpet player in a viral video, I stumbled across his website and the same sensation started happening.

It only happens when I'm looking up stuff like that.

Any ideas?
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