Hi. Im a 36-year-old Male. Have a history of stomach problems. Hiatal hernia, acid reflux just GERD, in general, most of my life. In the past year, I have acquired prostatitis (non-bacterial) like symptoms. Not sure if anyone has that too but anyway. I was very stressed at one point for some time and my stomach problems started acting up again. Eventually, it got pretty bad and i want for colonoscopy and endoscopy. They found mostly information and some internal hemorrhoids. I went through all the meds they prescribed. After that, it was a wild ride. Sometimes diarrhea sometimes constipation. Different textures. I tried different diets and all that. Also developed a lactose intolerance and thus now stay away from dairy products.

Anyway, all that being said, now 8 months later, aside from acid reflux I started having excessive flatulence. Right after I would eat and sometimes in the evenings a lot. Now I have a different problem which is why I'm here. I am starting to feel like I have trapped gas in the rectal area. Not in the lower abdomen but in the back right before it should be released but its just stuck there almost always. Like its obstructed or something. When I go to defecate I poop fine. I don't have any restriction issues. So after I go, its fine again but then after I eat, its there again and feels trapped.

Spoke to the doc and he says it could be bad bacteria there and needs to be cleared out and also gave me probiotics. Im really worried about this restricting feeling. Has anyone had anything similar? Is this normal with IBS? I mean I am not constipated. But it feels like I am when the gas is trapped there.

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