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Trapeziotomy and living alone in UK.

Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me? I live in the UK and I am having a trazpeziotomy on my right thumb (dominant hand) on 5th November. I believe I will basically only be able to use one hand for at least 6 weeks and as I live alone I am trying to think ahead and plan for this difficult time. I already do on-line shopping and know a good ready meal delivery service. I am planning to use disposable crockery and cutlery where possible (no dishwasher) and have a cleaner who I hope can come a few more hours a week.I also have friends lined up to do the odd necessary thing, but don't want to impose too much.

I have been told that when I am in hospital the social workers will do an assessment and among other things might arrange certain items which might be helpful with daily living tasks as well as perhaps carers to come in twice a day. I have no idea what they might offer in the way of aids and was planning to buy a few things in readiness. However I am a pensioner with limited income and don't want to buy things I might be lent by Social Services.

So my first question is - if you live in UK what help were you offered post-operatively and what did you find most helpful. And secondly - do you have any tips on how to cope in general?
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replied December 24th, 2016
I had left thumb done and found ways around I got shopping one or two items at a time ,people do help you ,, I used my elbows a lot ,you will find how versatile you are , walking my dog was a feat the first few days trying to do everything thing with one hand but I managed and on 6 week now and can do most things now ,hope that helps
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replied December 26th, 2016
Is your left hand your dominant hand - that makes a big difference? You are answering a post from me that is over a year old, so although I am grateful for your interest I have got over that operation and then had my left thumb done this September.

Suffice it to say that I got no help whatsoever from social services or occupational therapists but I got through it. I would say I used my mouth more than my elbows! My right hand is now completely healed, a funny shape but pain free and functional. I don't take pain killers for the left one any more but have to take care not to do too much with it. I started driving again after 2 months (the left thumb makes it more difficult to drive than the right).
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