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Traces of blood after intercourse

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A few days ago I had sex with my husband. We engaged in foreplay for a while when he fingered me (moderately rough). Then we had intercourse (unprotected). The next day I had traces of blood from my vagina. My period is not due for another 3 weeks yet.
I am married for more than a year now, so it cant be my hymen breaking either.
Can any1 pls help me find out the reason?
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replied January 15th, 2012
If you are very concerned you should be going to your OB/GYN, but I don't think that it sounds that bad. It is common for women to develop spotting in between periods, also another thought is that you could of gotten a small rip, tear, cut from either the fingering or the intercourse. If you get new symptoms like heavier bleeding or odor or something else abnormal then I would suggest checking it further. But be cautious of whether or not you develop pain, odor, heavier bleeding or any other symptoms that may make it seem like it could be an infection, or something worse! Also you can have bleeding or spotting during the first month or so of pregnancy.
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