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touched my sisters breast

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Last week when i was at home i touched my sister's breast.In between I'm enjoying it i asked her are U enjyng it she told Yes...but now i feel so guilty..nd difficult ot face her.More over everyday I think about her breast,smooching her breast etc...nd i feel ashamed to tell thiz problem to a friend or doctor .I want to get rid of this thoughts..please please help me out
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replied January 17th, 2010
It's ok. When kids get excited about sex they think about, fantasize, obsess, and even act on discovering the reality of it.

You just can't act on it with your sister- at all, ever again. It will hurt and confuse both of you. It feels good, but you need to experience sexual things by yourself or with someone appropriate. And you have to stop the obsession, or at least turn it to someone/something else. Even if another person isn't available to figure it out with right now, you still don't want to make yourself or anyone feel ashamed or guilty.

Sex isn't bad and neither are you. Sex is fun to think about, but hard to talk about- and very serious to do, even playing around. So it's easy to think of sex as a bad thing, which justifies doing something really bad because you think you are anyway.

You're not the only person to have those thoughts, but you have to control them. Being old enough to think about sex or doing things you shouldn't is you have to take charge of your mind now. Be responsible for what you think and do.

Look at pictures, read stories, play out things in your head. Talk to other girls. You haven't messed up your life or your relationship with your sister- the obsession will pass as soon as you find someone or something else to think about, and better ways to release your frustration. Just start thinking about someone else's boobs and let your sister be your sister.
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replied January 18th, 2010
its really normal dont sweat it
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