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Total life changes HCG or Resolution drops

Can someone tell me the actual difference in HCG & resolution drops by "total life changes"

All anyone really says is, the diet and tea retina are different. However, does anyone know if it still co gains HCG?

I'm already on HCG but after a lot of reading will be discontinuing after 23 days. You can do it for 23-40 days as many times as you want. These risk are not worth the reward so I will do something else to maintain the lost as well as loose more if need be
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replied April 14th, 2016
Hi, I know this reply is quite late and you may have discontinued using the products altogether but just in case you might still be interested in those. The HCG requires a 500 calorie diet and exercise is not permitted while the Resolution drop requires a 1200-1700 calorie diet and exercise is optional.
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