im 51 years old and planning to have a bilateral total knee replacement should i be concerned about anything?
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replied March 8th, 2012
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These are major operative procedures, which carry all of the usual risks of surgery. Surgery, though it is much safer than it was a few years ago, still carries very significant risks.

You should speak with your surgeon and anesthesiologist well before the surgery.

Also, you will need to have some help around the house after the procedure. You will be up and walking, with a walker probably, but you will need help.

You need to make your house as safe as possible. Remove all throw rugs. Most obstacles on the way to the bathroom. Collect things you need around your bed or chair, so you do not have to get up to get them all the time (books, TV remotes, craft supplies, snacks, tissues, towels, etc).

Before going to the hospital, have your hair done (barber for gentlemen). Gather up supplies and food for at least a month.

There are a couple of websites on the internet that you can google, that have checklists of things you need to do before the surgery.

But, again, this is a major operation. Make sure all of your questions are answered by the surgeon. Speak with the anesthesiologist about your anesthesia during surgery and post-op pain management.

Good luck.
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