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total joint replacement of tmj

hi everyone I am just new on the forum so my first post. I have a question for someone who has had total jaw replacement surgery on TMJ the questions I have is do these implants when fitted and all healed allow the patient to move there teeth from side to side like in a teeth grinding motion or just up and down also I live in Scotland Uk and will be fitted with a stock implant does anyone know which company supplies the Uk with there stock implants is it TMJ concepts? Lorenz? E.T.C. THANKS in advance Jim.
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replied July 28th, 2018
I am new to this site as well. I have had both my R & L joints replaced with total metal replacements. I to had implants & at that time there was a recall on them due to the teflon. The kicker is the surgeon knew about the recall 3 months prior to placing them in my jaw.
I went to Denver Colorado for my joint replacements j the metal joints were forged to fit me only. I really don't have much info on the TMJ concepts replacements. Mine are the christensen joint replacements. I have had nothing but problems since my replacements back in 2003. Is there another path you could try?
I have had 23+ surgery's for TMJ & I am in more pain now but I have always had trouble with my joints all my life. It was due to the way I was delivered back in 1955.
As for who j what kind of implants ask your surgeon. There are many different ones being used. Might check to see if there may be a newer & better one out there. As I use to tell (was dental assistant for 25 yrs retired now)the patients in the office research the net & local library & again ask your doctor. Sounds like your not to sure about the concepts. I went & got an second opinion on the joint replacements.
I will pray for you & god bless. One more thing my father was borned in Ireland & his whole family came to America when he was 5. Been to the UK loved it & the land was so beautiful. I understand why so many Irish family's settled in Kentucky.
I wish that god will give you pain free days.
God bless j hope to hear from you.
Edna Krebs
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