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Torn suspensory ligament?

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Hello there,
About 7 years ago I was erect and in bed. My partner pushed me over and I landed on the erect penis, pushing it down. I felt a tearing sensation. There was no pain, but I never told anyone. Well, I got some ED after that, but nowadays my penis is near normal function in terms of sex. Though my penis seems somewhat smaller than it used to be. Not a lot, maybe an inch smaller than it used to be (i used same technique to measure back then as I do now. An inch is missing)? I know thats normal with age sometimes, but im only 27.

The problem is, when un-erect my penis does not want to sit outside of the body. While driving, sitting etc my testicles and a few folds of foreskin are all that are there. When un-erect, the physical appearance is "short" and I have had a few partners since comment that they are surprised something "so small gets so big"

While standing for some time with no trousers on, the penis hangs as it should. With trousers on, it gets "pushed" back inside. I can also push back in by hand when standing. ive noticed that if i firmly press on the pubic bone with one hand, I am unable to push the penis inside. When it goes inside, it almost feels like it is going inside and up in front of the pubic bone.

When fully erect, my penis is at near enough 90 degrees from my body. If I stand, its near perfectly horizontal with the floor.

What can I do, if anything other than live with it? Its hard being the only guy with no "bulge" in his jeans.
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replied July 19th, 2008
Almost forget, I get balanitus a lot even though i wash (without soap, carefully and dry well) normally daily. Usually by end of day there is some redness and discharge.
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replied July 21st, 2008
Erection is one of the men's things in that women find most interesting. They find the erection as a very fascinating event so you shouldn't be surprised about their comment that "something so small gets so big".
As long as that "small thing" can become "big and hard" enough to satisfy a woman there is nothing to worry about.
All those notes you mentioned are normal and part of the individual differences among different men.
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