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Torn pelvic muscle ?

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I'm hoping someone can help me, I'm really in pain. About 4 days ago I had a bad fall on the ice and fell right on my buttocks. It really hurt, I could barely walk. The muscle in my inner buttock right down to the left side of my vagina was in incredible pain. I took some painkillers and went to bed. The next day the muscle was much better, but now the problem is in my vagina. If I sit, walk or lie quietly it's fine, but the moment I bend over or move suddenly there is this stabbing, burning, excrutiating pain in the left of my vagina. It takes a couple of minutes to go away then I'm ok again. And it's completely internal. I've inspected my vagina, there is no blood or visible tears and it doesnt hurt at all to touch it, outside or in. But every time I sit or stand up or move my leg too quickly or roll over in bed, the pain rips through me again.
Is this a torn muscle? It's now four days later, I have no more muscle pain in my buttocks. Will this heal by itself or should I see someone? I'm very embarassed.
Please help!!!!
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