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Torn Frenulum the bleeding was rather ridiculous...

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Hi I just torn my frenulum around about 4 hours ago. At the initial time of tearing the bleeding was rather ridiculous due to an erection. I bled harshly for around 5 minutes almost fainting once. I tried ways of combating the blood loss but i could only think of drinking sugar water to keep blood sugar up. After erratic bleeding i began to clean up any blood on the floor as there was quite alot in the bathroom and toilet, yet I continue to bleed slowly through the Frenulum. I am still drinking sugar water so i don't feel sick from the lack of blood sugar but I am only 15 and I don't want to miss out on any more school and I am embarrassed to tell my father when he gets home (around 2 hours or so) but I dont want to risk infection. Should I tell my father and ask him to take me to a clinic? Because at the moment all i can do is walk around the house with just a towel due to fear of blood stains or frictional pain and if this keeps up ill miss school tomorrow as I have today (today was because of a fractured toe :p not having exactly the best medical luck lately)
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replied March 29th, 2012
Community Volunteer
You are in a predicament.
15 hours since the post so hopefully everything is ok.
Tell your father and he knows what you have been up to with your hand.

Can you get yourself of to a doctor or hospital yourself and get some advice.

Hope it all goes well.
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