Hi after recently coming off cymbalta qucikly, i feel as tho the tablets have caused a massive amount of damage in my head! Sumin isnt just right, i dont no what to do but PLZ be careful when taking these drugs! The drug companies dont describe every type of side effect! And what worse can you get than a damaged brain!Has neone had any similar side effects when withdrawing from a AD? could neone plz advise on wat 2 do next as noone seems 2 no anything!

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replied May 21st, 2008
Can you explain that "damage in the head"? What exactly do you feel? Do you still feel the same symptoms? What medicines do you take right now?
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replied September 18th, 2010
Hi! Maybe I can help a little-you are correct that sometimes, after the Toxic Cocktails and Irradiation of the Brain, there IS cell damage-HOWEVER, here is One of the Many Wonders of the Brain-and not just Human, either!
As Brain cells die-all cells regenerate in Life Cycle's Dance...they are replaced with new, working cells.
When our Brain cells are Damaged unexpectedly (at least to them...), then Other Living, current Brain cells start to take on the job-multi-tasking their own, and they all share this "rescue", until that Region of the Brain has Time to Heal and regenerate cells....
Often stroke victims are great examples of how one part of the Brain takes over for quickly injured, traumatized or "killed" brain cells or even regions/lobes!

My advice as one who has had to get my brain back on track a few times, that you try simple word game problems-some brain cell injuries can make numbers extremely difficult, but converting the numbers into word problems or associating them with sewing, woodworking or cooking measure in your mind can help with that.

You are also correct in thinking more Drug Companies-especially those who help save lives with Toxic Poisons and Radiation that would kill a healthy person would Look more closely at the Fact of and Processes of Recovery/Rehab for Normal Brain Cell Damage due to Chemotherapy and Irradiation Therapies.
I would offer to help in the Clinical Trials!...
I have my Doctorate....any one want to Fund a Study on the Power and Wonder of the Human Brain???
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