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Still Feel Hernia After Surgery

I had hernia surgery 6 months ago on right side. It was not laproscopic. I went to surgeon several times since with no positive results. It is painful. I still feel hernia after surgery. What do I do? Is this dangerous? Will it go away?
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replied July 14th, 2007
Does it feel like a hernia, or is a a solid mass? If it's solid, it could be scar tissue, or depending on the method used to repair it, it could be the plug or mesh. I had an inguinal hernia repair, I can feel the plu or something, but it's not the hernia.
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replied July 22nd, 2007
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Hello Teramteatenema,

I would highly recommend that you seek a second opinion from another surgeon.

A number of years ago I had surgery for a hernia. I experienced the same post op situation as you do. I did seek advice from another surgeon, and he confirmed what I suspected - the first doc messed up.

I went back to the initial surgeon and talked with him about the fact that I could still feel the hernia. That it seemed the surgery didn't correct the problem. WELLLLlll, he mumbled something and wouldn't look me in the eye. That was all I needed to know. He screwed up!!!

SOOoooo after a bit of time to wait until the first surgery healed, I had the second doc do his thing on my hernia. He put in a "mesh" which he said the first doc should have done. Amazing, no hernia bulge after the second surgery.

Okay, many years later how are things - I've lifted more then the 50 lb max the 2nd surgeon said I should lift, so there is a bit of a bulge. However, there is no pain. It is still much batter than before/after the first surgery.

That is my experience.

Again, I would suggest that you seek the advice of a 2nd surgoen.
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