Well, I have IBS symptoms, and thats what EVERYONE is telling me (I'm only 1Cool. But, I'm scared its more. I sometimes get a weird aching pain on my right side and just recently discovered a aching pain during/after having sex with my boyfriend on the right side. Pain during/after intercourse is yet ANOTHER symptom of ovarian cancer. I was wondering, if its not OVARIAN CANCER, could a cyst(s) be causing all of these bowel problems along w/ my gas problem and this pain I feel sometimes in my pelvic right area during/after sex???
Please someone respond and let me know if they know anything about cysts and/or ovarian cancer? Thanks
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replied July 12th, 2007
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I have ovarian cysts and I had extreme gas, extreme bloating, pain after intercourse, the little pinches on one side that you're talking about, and terrible IBS symptoms (already had IBS before the cyst). It was terrible. I, too, was afraid something more was wrong. Ovarian cysts are hardly ever anything to worry about.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't see your gynecologist however. It would be rare for you to have ovarian cancer at your age (I'm guessing you're a teenager, all I could see of your age was '1'), but you don't want to not let your gynecologist keep an eye on your ovary for other things.
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