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Neuropsychiatry And Pain Management

Can I manage my pain through neuropsychiatry treatments without using any drugs at all? What do you think? Any experiences?
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replied June 23rd, 2010
CP is is real?
i have lived with CP for 4 years, although, not many years compared to some..however, I have studied CP at length. I have no psychologoical issues, drug, issues, alcohol, etc--and have tried everything, including acupunture--I am still in severe pain. Newsweek magazine did a great story, "War on Pain" and it explains how with some of us, pain is programmed after an injury or trauma to the CNS. I am one of those...I also have numbness/weakness in legs, seizures, and moe. I do the best i can, but for some, CP is here for a while. It's best to learn how to manage it, live in the moment and rest your body and get decent nutrition(reduce sugar, caffiene, and white flour)
CP is one the forefront of medicine now and maybesome day there will be a cure
best, vh, colorado, severe neck injury
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