My 3yrs old boy develloped weird symptoms about 1 year ago. It all happened over a weekend. He was starting to tilt his head and look downwards all the time. We brought him to emergency and doc said he was fine.

After a few visits and a lot of observation on our part. We realized that his left eye will go up and the right eye stays fixed when he looks up to the left. It is a form of strabismus called brown syndrome. Kids are usually born with the however he wasn't.

The eye specialist said she will monitor situation. Fast forward a year and specialist says that he is tilting his head more. I don't think he is but she said she notices it more. He tilts his head to adjust the way he is seeing. Anyo, she thinks thought this warranted an mri.

What I am really worried about is that recently he complains about head, cheek and eye pain when he gets upset or cries. I wonder why it only happens when he starts to cry or get upset. I haven't even had the opportunity to tell the specialist about this yet. The mri was last weekend. Ugghhh I am just worried sick. Besides that, he is a very healthy boy.

Will they call you quickly if there is anything wrong or showing on the mri results?

Something else that is completely strange is that I had trigeminal neuralgia. I had surgery for it but it is so weird to hear him say he has cheek pain. I know trigeminal neuralgia is not hereditary. Anyways thanks for listening and reading my post.

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