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Mole In Butt .. possible to Be Cancerous ?

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yea, it sounds gross. but the other day i noticed a mole in my butt (inside left cheek). i'm not sure if it's been there forever. i went to an urgent care and he basically told me not to "lose sleep over it" and to schedule an app with my dermatologist. thing is, my app isn't until august. is it possible to have a cancerous mole in a very non exposed area such as that? it's about the size of a pencil eraser and is brownish. it's flat and does not hurt. is there a doctor in the house?? thanks!
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First Helper Meg1234

replied September 28th, 2013
spot in anus
i have a little spot lump inside my anus i realised it was there when my anus started iritating me ispread my butt cheeks and slowly inserted my finger in my anus its an inch away.
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