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Foods Suitable For Cancer Patients

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ORGANIC fruits and vegetables l highly recommend include wheat grass,flax seeds, barley green,lemon,carrots juice, grape, chew the seeds! the seeds are one of best for cancer! ling zhi,califlower,miso,green tea,sea weeds,coarse rice,sweet potato, grapefruits,celery and roots,green pepper,honey, goat milk , honey dew,brocoli,kiwi,papaya,onion,potato,spina h,sweet potato,tomato,strawberry,orange,apple,kale ,green pepper,red cabbage,lettue,romaine,swiss chard,beetroots,leafy vegetables,parsley and roots,whole grains,tempeh,cabbage,pumpkin,brussel sprouts,chlorella,bee pollen,aloe vera,mushroom,beans and tofu!the above work best when taken juice if not raw for best results because cooking destroy the nutrients!
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