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Why Alternative Treatment For Cancer


1. Why are twice as many Americans dying from cancer today (560,000) than there were in 1962 (278,000)?

2. Why are we still being prescribed surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment after nearly 5 decades of failure?

3. Why the systematic suppression of all natural or inexpensive alternative cancer treatments?

4. Why does the Federal Drug Administration, (FDA) National Cancer Institute, (NCI) American Cancer Society, (ACS) and American Medical Association (AMA) never properly investigate, but instead suppress, the most promising alternative treatments?

5. With over a trillion dollars poured into research and treatment of cancer in the last forty years, why does the cancer establishment never change it's course of only investigating man-made patentable treatments?

6. Why is chemotherapy, a highly toxic, carcinogenic and immune system wrecking chemical, still being given to at least 700,000 American cancer patients a year?

7. Why do Americans have to leave their country to try many promising alternative cancer treatments?

8. Why are we allowing the FDA, an agency with an unbroken history of rampant corruption and incompetence, to dictate to us what medical options we are permitted to take? Why are they always patented, pharmaceutical companies products?

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