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swollen lymph nodes and high white cell count

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Seemingly overnight, my lymph nodes got painfully swollen. When I stood up I felt dizzy and nauseated. I was in bed for a good 3 days, and when I was awake I felt like I was falling very fast. I went to the doctor and had several tests, and the only result I got back was that I had a "high white cell count". Anybody know what this could be? I also had a fever of 102 or so.
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replied August 20th, 2008
High WBC
Get a copy of your latest blood test. perferably go back until your WBC were normal. The test should list a breakdown of the components. try to isolate which is level is out of the normal. That will lead to what is the problem. If only your 'Lymphs" are out of the normal range then this could be signs on lymphnoma. either way after you get your latest lab results if they are way outside the norm see a hemotologist.

good luck.
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