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What? Another Biopsy????

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Hello New friends, I am hoping for good news. Even tho my mass is small that is good news right? I have been lucky the last two biopsies in 88 and 2003 I am holding good energy and have had the registered letter sent to me for a biopsy and I see the surgeon Tuesday. for consultation and exam..I am sending you the results and hopefully some one will give me some advice good or bad.. this time i feel different because of my age I guess... HOpe to hear from anyone!!! Thank you kindly
There are scattered fibroglandular tissues noted. There are uper-outer quadrant lymph nodes noted. Within the right breast at the approx 6-7 oclock position..8 cm from the nipple is a nodular density measuring 1x0.7 cm. Reocmend spot mag and ultracound to further evaluate this lesion. adjacent to the lesion in the uper outer quadrant is a cluster of calcifications with questionable associated soft tissue density. there is coarse calcifications noted within the rb there are bilateral punctate calc. noted
coned down views demonstrate isodense, oval 1 cm nodule in the middle onethird right breast central position. there is no abnormal calc. or spiculation. ultra sound performed the same day demonstrates a nodular contour with suspicious features. conclusion... solid lobulated nodule determined by ultrasound considered suspicious and recommend biopsy. bi rads 4 right breast
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replied August 2nd, 2008
So very sorry no one responded to this post.............wish I'd found it earlier. I totaly understand what you must have been going through last July. It sounds as though you had an unidentifiable mass, very small, but suspecious. Hopefully you are still coming to eHealth and will respond. I went for one biospy, then localization needle core biopsy, lumpecctomy and finally mastectomy..........Piece of cake!
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