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Dopamine Reuptake Inhibitors.

Over the past nine years I have become increasingly anxious and completely unable to relax. I constantly find myself in a state of nervous tension without the ability to withdraw from my thought that just keep repeating themselves over and over in my head. These being general worrries and fears. In addition over this period I have had a decrease in my sex drive and have had erection problems.

I initially spoke with a G.P some two years ago who diagnosed depression and placed me upon a course of Seroxat/Peroxitine. This worked well in lifting me but did nothing for the underlying problem. It masked the issue for lack of a better phrase and just made me feel ontop of the world. This again however did nothing for the sex drive/ ED issue.

My current G.P is excellent and has listened attentively and diagnosed a possible Dopamine defficiency. I have since this time been taking Wellbutrin/Bupropion which has relaxed me and actually helped the ED issue. It however has only helped slightly but none-the-less convinced me that it actually is a Dopamine issue.

My question is - Are there any other Dopamine Reuptake inhibitors on the market and if so has anybody had any experience in using them, which ones have worked for you etc? as I would like to put a case forward to my GP when I next see her.

Any points of view even if negative would be appreciated...
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replied August 10th, 2009
Dopamine and the calming effect... and more.
There are more NDRI's available in other countries. Seems like the FDA wants to jack up your serotonin (which downregulates dopamine). Why, I don't know. But I am reminded of that old saying about tobacco: "makes you stink, makes you think!" Well, that's dopamine they're talking about -- serotonergics tend to make you tuned out or at least more comfy with the things that are -- so instead of acting to change those things, you become placid.
I find dopaminergics calm me down too -- I practically quit taking my anxiety meds while I was on a dopaminergic AD that is now banned in this country...
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