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Food Listed On a Low Carb Diet

I'm in process of deciding what is the best diet for me and I'm curious what food is low carb food. maybe someone can make me a list of food that are low carb. thanks
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replied December 23rd, 2008
food listed in a low carb diet
one ofthe many ways people are losing weight is basically not to starve yourselve and keep your portions at a limit by using a smaller plate to serve it will help keep your appetite down. make sure you eat meat but not fatty meat such as pork,ham or pork bacon. instead substitute it for turkey bacon. you should also have a certain amount of dairy try soy milk or 1/2 cup of graded cheese daily. stay off of fast food too. that is what really packs on the fast. no desserts instead enjoy a yogurt or fresh fruit. make sure to only drink water and to consume a salad and raw vegetables daily. nuts unsalted are a great snack. for whole wheat, use whole wheat bread and whole wheat pastas. no fluff,peanut butter,jelly or heavy sauces such as ketchup,mustard and terriaki sauce try a light vinnegrette if you ant stay away from mcdonalds like i can then order a salad or a wrap but make sure they go light on the sauce. exercise is also a very important thing that everyone nedds to do for more than 2 hours a day. try jogging playing a sport or doing an exercise tape. these arn't just foods you should eat on a diet eat them always to keep you fit and remember NO CANDY!! this worked for me by just eating right and getting exercise when i was a teenager you felt selfconsious so i did this and i went from 152 to 110 in about 6 months!!!!!!!!