Hi there,

I'm a 34 y.o. man from the Netherlands, and have the diagnosis of the
Tourette Syndrom since I was 12. Although I allready know a whole lot of
this disorder, I was wandering about one thing:
Are there more known cases of Tourette in particular countries than other,
or are there the same amount of known cases on every part of the world??
This, ofcourse, I mean statistically. Question
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replied July 13th, 2007
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Hi there. I am a 35 yr. old male in America. I have had TS for my entire life (my son has it also). According to what I have read, it is most prevalent in the U.S. and Europe. I believe it is due to the reporting and lack of knowledge of the disorder world wide. Statistically I believe (per capita) it is probably the same everywhere. Just in Somalia no one really reports 'tics' to the local dr. Laughing
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