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Why Can't Doctors Give You Results Over the Phone

I am so frustrated, I hope I am in the correct topic. I was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate, had scheduled to have laser removal. Test came back with high PSA level, which I already knew from a previous doctor. (Did a biopsy with him and came back negative) I am now with a new doctor, why can't he just take the result from the previous doctor? It only been about 1 year. Anyway, the new doctor had me coming in to do a biopsy to see if it is cancer. My real question is, why can't the result be given over the phone? I have to take time off work, waste sitting in the waiting room and for him to come in after 40 minutes or so to say, "no cancer", still want to do the laser surgery? There was another time that he did blood test and I had to come in for the results. I think that is such a waste of my time and not to mentioned the amount of money that he is going to bill my insurance company for the office visit. For simple issues like that, I believe it can be handled over the phone. NO wonder our health insurance are so high. Thanks for any comments you might have.
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