Very simply, I am 37 years old, and on Thursday, June 21, I had my gallbladder removed laproscopy. (sp?). I am a little over weight, and take synthyroid as I have no thyroid. Anyway, I really wasn't told a whole lot about the surgery or what to expect after. Three times since surgery, I have had the similar pains that I had since surgery--once the day after, once on this past Tuesday night and once today. I had gallstones. Everyone keeps telling me it is gas. I am probably freaking out over nothing and I know healing takes time---but see I am a year cancer survivor with no treatment, just surgery to remove massive tumor last year. I guess I am a hypochondriac. Anyway, everyonce in a while, I will get a pain on my left side, to the left of my belly button,nothing major, just a pain, and if I toot (excuse me) or burp sometimes it feels a little better. Or I will get a pain in my right breast area, or it will feel like something is caving in around my sternum. I am sure it is gas. I have not been eating much of anything but soups, oatmeal and drinking lots of water(probably too much). I had two milkshakes(not at one time) on Tuesday, along with an Equate version of Ensure and that probably caused the mass pain I had that night. And Friday, I ate some fresh cantulope. Today, I was good until tonight--I ate three very small bites of meat from a Sonic Burger and three very small bites of fries(my dog finished the rest)..... When I was walking, it started feeling funny again, and I just tell myself I am crazy and to just chill out. I drink hot water sometimes. Am I crazy or is this normal in the recovery? My stools are not hard. Though I had some good movements when I was recovering at my mom's. I live by myself with my dog. I felt great today. And then tonight. It is what I ate isn't it? What? My doctor's receptionist and a few other people I have talked to said it was gas.. And told me to take gas x. I have been doing that and had mylanta. THe other night(Tuesday) when I woke up because my dog was doing something, and had the pain in the middle of my chest, I got up and drank some mylanta and it eased it off. Right now, it is easing off(I can feel the gas bubbles). I had all the scans and all. If it was something worse, they would have found it. BUT WHY this much pain?? And it is not really pain, it is just. Oh, I dont know.. What do you guys suggest? I am going crazy, aren't I? I am going back to my doctor on Tuesday and my surgeon on Friday of next week.
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replied June 24th, 2009
Post-gallbladder op
Hi Beckyboo,

It certainly sounds like gas - I had it, on and off, for about six months following gallbladder surgery, and every so often I get a little twinge these days, but not more than that. You need to remember that you now have a pipe that is effectively a small cul-de-sac inside you, so it's quite easy for gas, travelling through your system, to get caught in the dead end. Exercise helps a lot - I find swimming, or minor abdominal exercise is enough to get things moving again. Don't go too fast if you're immediately post-op, as you will be stiff and sore and you don't want to risk ripping your sutures. As your recovery progresses, the more you try to follow a normal balanced diet and take regular exercise, (assuming there were no complications to your surgery preventing this) the fewer problems you will have.

Best wishes,

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