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Is It Rheumotoid Arthritis ??

I am a 27year old female. Until this past January, I have never had a history of this type of pain or any other chronic health problems. . I am currently on no medication except for muscle relaxers to deal with this pain. The following is a general list of discomfort I have been experiencing:

-The left ball of my left foot aches constantly.
-The inside of my right knee: hurts while bending and sometimes while its straight when I lay down.
-Both hips are just sore and tight, but loosen as the day goes on. Hurts to put weight on them.
-My mid back - it hurts to take a deep breath - feels like all the muscles attached to my rib bones are too small and can't reach where they should.
-My upper arm muscles - triceps? can't reach behind me, hurts to raise my arm, to lift things, hurts to lean on anything with them (cant sleep on side comfortably)
-Neck - generally tight, can't turn head to shoulder

Is it possible that I mat be suffering from rheumatoid arthritis??Are these the symptoms for arthritis??I heard that Depen Penamine is used to treat severe rheumatoid arthritis…Anyone ever experienced this??Do you think that I can take this medication???
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replied July 10th, 2007
do you wake up in the morning with stiff, painful joints? if so, how long does it take to "loosen up"?

have you noticed any swelling or redness or heat around any of the joints?

how are your hands?
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replied July 3rd, 2010
What you describe--widespread muscle pain--may simply be a result of your DIET. Do you consume a lot of soft drinks? Sports drinks? Carbohydrates? Junk food? Is your diet high in meat and dairy? These foods are acidifying to the body [although yogurt, in contrast, is alkalizing]. Many Americans eat highly acidic diets which can result in muscle pain, fatigue, and other chronic illnesses.
A more ALKALINE diet, one that is higher in vegetables and fruits and perhaps includes alkalized drinking water, may resolve your muscle pain.
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