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Jock Itch Directly On My Penis

Geez this is embarrassing. Anyway, I'm 31, and uncut. I recently got a pretty bad case of what I believe to be jock itch. I had been treating it with Lotrimin spray but when I used it it would burn really bad.

I switched to Lotrimin cream which works much better. However there is still a stubborn area which happens to be my foreskin. It started there a day or 2 ago..the skin swelled up and I kept treating it. Well, now the infection seems to have spread to the inside my foreskin and directly onto the knob itself.

Should I just continue treating it with the cream or should I consult my doctor? I don't want this to get any worse?

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replied January 28th, 2009
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try apple cider vinegar-had jock itch for about 6 months on my balls and it cleared up
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