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slipped Upper Femoral Ephiphysis

well, im 17 years live in New Zealand...i had a slipped upper femoral epiphysis(SUFE) in my left hip when i was 13 years old(november03), i got 2 screws put into my hip and then taken out again(May05) and now its 2007 im 17 and im waiting to get a hip replacement. im kinda freaked out about it because its quite a big thing to get, especially at my age ya know...if anyone else has this same problem or been through the same thing please get back to me as i would love to find out about how it went for other people, and if possible if they could get back to me within 5 weeks as that is when i go back to see the specialist, thankyou so much

from Kayla
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First Helper will-00

replied July 15th, 2007
Hi Kayla,

I to had a scfe at 15 had a pin removed 6 months later only to have the same thing happen again so had the pin replaced.Unfortunately developed avascular necrosis (did you also develop this) and so will need a hip replacement,here in Britain they are very reluctant to do this at a young age,how did they agree to yours?They are going to do an ostotomy first
which i am worried about as i have not spoken to another person whose had one. Youre right it is a big thing to happen at our age ( I am 1Cool i played a lot of sport at the moment there is very little i can do,i would be really interested if yuo find anything out,if you need any more info i would be happy to get back to you,thanks,
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