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What Do You Think About Cloning Parts Or Whole Humans?

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This seems to be really what we're getting to...what will this technology be used for? Do you think we should reproduce parts of people's bodies...or the entire organism? What repercussions will this have on humanity?
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replied December 11th, 2009
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I think they should clone legs for paraplegics and arms for shark bite victims.
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replied March 19th, 2010
The Broad Term of Cloning
When a person uses the word "cloning" it's in a broad spectrum form with many avenues of use. I've always use the the Science vs. Religion as my debates that have turned argumentative in 2001 due tothe serious nature of things when I seen look alike people and the character of people bieng shifted from one to another causing confusion and chaos within beliefs of people that affect the family structure.

First define "Cloning" it's definition is that of when something is replicated to incorporate the identity of an original subject. The word "Subject" being adapted to scientific study to identity the noun being studied adn replicated, the noun being a person, place or thing.

It goes without saying, the first being biblical. "It" being the perception of theory in use. In the Bible, it says not to mix the seed meaning not to use "cloning" to reproduce a form of anything that has a DNA property to it to create something new. And I believe it has value to it due to it's original state being altered into an unknown with mankind. I believe that everything on this earth has a reproductive cycles with food pyramids that bring a check and blanace within all organism environment, that includes Human Beings being defined as a living organism, as defined in Scientific terms.

If a person is talking cloning specifically to reproduce a specific animal such as the sheep seen in Colorado, while it may seem as a Human Triumph, it really isn't. Maybe that's the meaning to a wolf in sheeps clothing. A decoy to our own being due to the involuntary participation of the sheep adn not knowing how it's going to behave altering the outcome of normality.

When originals and their clones have tracking devices, the risk of chaos is apparant if the tracking devices are abused, shifted among one another to cause misinformation and identiy theft or used in the entertainment industry for monetary gains when derived from the original. If the approval only comes from the clones, it is an involuntary force causing injury and death of the original "Subject" or "person of Interest" due to the dramatization and harassments that occur through public perception and knowledge of general public from within the tracking system. "Subjects" used without the Subjects permission or knowledge of the originals as if they are cloned as seen in my case 1997-2010 when I was not subliminalized and did I didn't have a suggestive lifestyle, hairstyles and clothing, until procurement occurred in 2000 that cahnged my entire life away from who I was and what I stood for into a life of unknown chaos, as seen in others who are cloned and eventually have their lives taken away form them to give to their derivative clones of the original, in whole and in part, is dangerous to society due to each time a derivative is made from an original, intelligence is lost each step of the way that causes confusion and possible injury to the originals, including identity theft of both the original and clones if the tracking sysytems have to be closed down due to reversal of the parts being greater than the whole as the tracking system becomes weaker making the parts equalling less than the sum of the whole with the parts being disposable if trying to keep the originals intact. Usually, in a system the originals are disposed of after it's parts are due to inability to function without it's parts that occur during derivative phases.

If it's talking Cyrogenics as a form of cloning as I wrote the paper on while in college, "Cloning" was being defined as a form of voluntary individual choices using a form of cloning in part, to choose hair color, ye color and skin color. This form of cloning has a check and balance if a look alike of another Human Being is created, that protects both lives from identity theft and chaos within society.

When the word cloning is used, in part, to create mannerisms, it also gives rise to individuals that take a part of or an entire mannerism including recreating character to uphold mannerisms to give rise to the normality of the mannerisms, incorporating the mannerisms of another Human Being within their own character as a person, to "clone" either from within their own visual abstracting or from anothers' suggestion such as verbal suggestion and use of pictures. This also causes look alikes.

The term "suggestive cloning" is the meaning of subliminalization, when one term, color, mannerism, even lifestyle is subliminalized to a specific person to incorporate into their life as part of their liking, character and personality, yet giving themselves an entirely different identity independent of the orginal subliminalization, staying as an individual. Most businesses are of a suggestive nature due to the use of many of the same products in society, and the same use of business classification, yet each and every business is different according to the developers style and presentation of their business products.

Cloning is also possible through "power of suggestion." Suggestive could develop a form of "cloning" as the word suggestive was once used to define a behavioral language of Human Sexuality in the 1970s when Histrionic Personality made it's way into the DSM of Mental Health that gave both positive and negative body languages to the the ones interpreting the language. The term in genral public was mostly used as sexual suggestive behavior due to the use of clothing in genral public. It was the type of clothing, make up and jewelry worn and the type of relations the person was having that gave rise to suggestive behavior, still having respect from within groups of people within society, independent of the meaning of prostitution, whoredom or used as slang is used to define a "slut" within a group who "clones" repetative sexual behavior, as seen in "cloning" of a tavern when a group uses repetative behavioral activity to give rise to suggestive relations where the term "suggestive" is referred to as the old version of terminology to define a woman or mans' energy aura and/or behavior as reason to initiate intimacy.

When referring to all of these forms of cloning, it is showing in the Biblical sense not to mix the seed. There's a reason why we're all made as individuals whether in classifications of living organisms and as Human Beings.

Gina Louise Sciarrino
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replied January 11th, 2012
I don't know if we should clone whole humans. There might be some ethical dilemmas there. Who knows how long it will take to get the science down anyway.

I do think we should clone organs in case someone needs a transplant.

Or it could be like the movie The Island where everyone has a clone that lives there just until the day you need a spare organ. I feel this could have a lot of repurcussions on humanity. But even more than that, maybe we can preserve certain endangered species whose genetic lines are dwindling.

This website is helpful if you don't understand some topics related to stem cells, I suggest it for anyone who doesn't get all of the terminology.
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