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Extreme Sensitivity In Penis Head

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ok so ive always had a problem with premature ejaculation but lately for like the last week the head of my penis has been extremely sensitive and sometimes slightly sore....its to the point were i can just be standing/walking around doing something or put a little bit of pressure on the area and i start to feel what i guess you could call the very beginning sensation of an orgasm but not quite cuz i don't get off. Also normally i can have dry sex and never get off unless i have direct sexual contact, but the other night my girlfriend and I were making out with clothes on and she was on laying top of me and she started kissing my neck and ear and in like two minutes or less i got off with no movement down there whatsoever it was really embarrasing and just gets very annoying because it happens all day and all night so i have barely even been getting any sleep and its hard for me to concentrate on doing anything because that feeling is always i was just wondering if anyone else has ever exerienced this bad of a sensitivity to contact or if anyone can help to let me know what the heck is goin on because i seriously think this is making me go crazy
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replied July 2nd, 2008
have u over come this problem of ejaculation now?
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