for some time i have had a small lump, just a bit smaller than a pea on my left testicle, on the underneath part. aprox 16 months ago, i went to a doctor and he did a ultra scan and told me it was nothing to worry about and that it was probably a swollen or blocked epidermus tube. the lump is still there, easy to feel it after ive had a shower or bath. has anyone else had this problem, what is the epidermis tube and whats is its purpose.
any info would be great.
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replied August 1st, 2007
i had a similar problem. i found a lump and went to the doctor. he said it was a spermatocelle. my lump was in the epidermis tube, i think. i forgot the name he used. and what my lump was is a mass of dead hardened sperm. he told me that it will always be there but will cause no problems. the tube he said is one of the few places cancer does not get at. he got me to do an ultrasound to be sure, and he confirmed it. i think the tube im thinking of and the one your describing are the same thing. you might want a professional opinion though. google spermatocelle for more details.
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replied June 8th, 2009
pea under testicle
me name is simon,

alrighty my problemo is the. small like pea under the testicle. when i squizze it i can feel a bit not good feeling but after 1 hour goes away. then my testicle that the small lump like pea the testicle is a bit down. and i dont hurt. never felt pain before.. when i was i see the testicle that has a lump on it the small like pea its a bit down. omg i writing that again anyway. ir small i dunno if its groing. but i'm fat. and i dont walk to much and i only wash like 2 times in weekso it could be a cyst from sweat and all that ***. its not attached to the ball maybe its attached with the vein or osmething i dunno nothing plz reply.
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