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No Period Negative Tests Please Help Me

Hey im taking the 21 day combined pill microgynon 30 and started my 7 day break on monday im normally due my bleeding on the wednesday i havnt had any bleeding and its now saturday. I missed one pill during the previous cycle due to sickness and upset tummy but made up for it with two pills the next day. I have taken 4 preg tests, last one i took yesterday and all negative. Can i trust this? i have no symptoms but surely if i was preg it would show up on the tests as im due my 7day break period? thank you x
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replied June 23rd, 2007
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I think a test would be positive by now if you were pregnant. But, you can go to a clinic and get a blood test done; these are more accurate by far.
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replied July 25th, 2009
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And if the blood test doesn't work, ask for an ultra sound.
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