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Hi everyone Smile

Im pretty sure i have a hernia, but wanted to ask some people that seem to have some experience with the subject. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

I have some swelling around the top of my groin, as well as in my testes. When i push on the swelling i can feel the bulge (what i think is my intestine) pushing back to where it should be. However, then comes back out and the swelling remains. I also get some pain and discomfort, which isnt too bad.

However this morning (and it has happened twice befor) i woke up, and when i stood up, my whole stomach felt like one massive cramp, and i couldnt stay upright. As soon as i layed down, the pain in the stomach went away.

Would this be a sign that the hernia is getting worse? Or is this totally unrelated. Please note that I have previously been diagnosed with Ulcerated Colitis, but have been treated for it, and havnt had any symptoms for 2 years, and also when i was a newborn, I had a groin hernia operation.

How serious is a hernia? If its just slight pain occasionally and discomfort, do i really need to get something done about it? How serious can they get?

Thank you in advance for your help Smile
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replied July 15th, 2007
Ooooo, sounds exactly how my hernia felt. I would definitely see a doctor. I don't know if that cramping means it's getting worse or not, but it happened to me for a couple of days every couple of months before it was fixed. Yea, I had a hernia foe over a ear and a half before I finally saw a doctor, and when I went, they said it was pretty big. Good luck!
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