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Vaginal Discharge

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What does this mean? And what should I do if anything?

Frequent discharge: kind of watery, sometimes its thick and sometimes has a yellow or brownish color, sometimes white. Sometimes there is a streak of blood in a clear thick dischare, but that is rare. Its not at all painful. Urination is not at all painful. Sometimes there is an odor. It doesn't feel like a yeast infection. It doesn't feel like there is something wrong. I've experienced this on and off for several years between 19 - 23 years old. My pep test is fine. Should I be concerned? Is this normal?
I work a lot and think this might be stress related. But, since i've had this for a few years, on and off, i've considered it to be normal for my body. Please let me know if this sounds like anything, or if others have similar experiences.
Thank you,
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replied March 13th, 2004
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It is completely normal for women to have vaginal discharge. Some experience more than others. If it isn't causing you any problems, then it is probably normal for you. You only need to worry if the discharge has an unpleasant odour, or is causing itchiness or soreness. If you are still worried, you could always ask your doctor to take a smple of the discharge and have it tested to see if there are any infections that are present.

Good luck.
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replied January 18th, 2006
No Discharge.
I have no discharge. As in. Whenever I wipe myself after using the toilet.. There doesnt seem to be that normal mucus-y clear stuff... It just kills me to think that I may have menopause. I'm only 17. =c I had my last period normal... This just happened like this month after my last period. There is smell and stains on my undies but not signs of it being wet or anything i'm worried.
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