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End of the Line - Chronic Cholinergic / solar Urticaria


My name is Steven. I am bipolar. I have borderline personality disorder. I have mercury poisoning. I have a serious allergy to latex paint and rubber. And i have had chronic cholinergic/solar urticaria for the last 5 years. I'm on enough meds to kill a horse. And have developed most of the drugs listed side effects at one time or another.

I have no life to speak of. Can't go outside during the day. No hot/warm baths. Can't eat hot foods. Breakout into hives when stressed, excited, worked up. Don't sweat. Can't workout. Can't "make love". Can't play guitar or paint for very long. I'm an artist and musicain. Have stopped writting music because i will never get to play it live (my passion). Can't get a job. Think of ten million long sharp needles going into every pore of your body at the same time. It's the most painful feeling i can express. I live in fear.

My disabilty plan doesn't cover antihistamine or any other drug you can name for the condition. i have no money to try new drugs.

Antihistamines don't do a thing. If i HAVE to leave the house during the day. i put on wet cloths and keep my exposed skin wet with a cloth and numerous bottles of water. I use this as a last resort. I still look like a paronoid schizophrenic trying to get all the bugs off of me, and it is still extremely painful.

Homeopathy doesn't work so far. All my blood test and skin test com back negative. My doctors don't seem to care anymore. I've been to Allergists, Dermatologists, and immunologists, MD's, and Homeopaths.

Does anyone know about acupunture or Histarix/Lacitrex?

And my condition seems to be getting worse. I will get the hives and itching even when i haven't done anything to provoke them.

I pretty much lay in front of a fan during my waking hours.

I have zero quality of life.

I am at the end of the line. I dream of a quick and painless death, or at the very least a nice long coma.

I am asking for ANYBODY'S help or suggestions. Please help me if you are able.

Thanks for your time.

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replied June 22nd, 2007
I feel for ya. I have CU as well but not nearly as bad as you have described yours. I'll let you know what works for me. Anit-histamines dont do a thing for me as well. So what I do is "sweat" it out. Every morning I hop on the exercise bike or go for a run with one of my buddies and purposely heat up to get a break out. The first 5 minutes are fine, the next five minutes once my body is heated up is like hell. Then after I'm running or biking and not feeling a thing. After that half an hour exercise I'm fine and for the rest of the day; breakouts are reduced, less severe, or don't happen at all when they would have normally happened. What I'm basically doing is depleting my histamine resevoir.

The first time I tried this method I stopped. I tried to break out in a sweat the next day but couldnt handle it again. The third time was a charm and I soldiered through and broke out in a sweat and then it was relief. The next day got easier and easier, and even to the point where it was just a few annoying tingles. I stopped for 5 days because of a holiday and came back and break out where pretty bad. A few days later, breakouts are a lot less intense. The key is consistency. If I dont "sweat" it out for a few days the histamines build back up.

Your CU sounds pretty bad, but give it a try. Just go for a run or if you dont feel comfortable outside try skipping at home. Bear through the breakout and continue until you begin to sweat. The first time I tried this i punched the wall to try and mask the intense feel from CU, now I've got a scar on my knuckle lol. My breakouts lasted 5 minutes max (although feels like an eternity) and then I was able to continue running/biking without any itch. Continue this everyday and it will get easier and easier to the point where its just annoying tingles. Eventually you will be CU free for the day, but still continue to exercise to heat up your body and deplete the histamine resevoir.
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replied June 26th, 2007
Thanks For the Relpy
Thanks for the relpy.

I have heard of the method you had mentioned. What you Talk about is called a refractory period. a period in which the histamine levels are not strong enough to create an reaction. I have little to no refractory period. I can have ten horrible outbreaks in a day, all with equal intensity. Or if i do have used up my histamine level (which is rare), i fall asleep for the rest of the day because it wipes me right out.

I will give this another try. It sounds like consistancy is the key. I will let you know how it works out. I basically sit around all day in front of fans. If i play guitar for more than 10 min i have an outbreak. I always have a tub full of cold water and i jump in when ever this occurs.

If you can think of anything else that has helped you please let me know.

What do your doctors say about your CU?

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replied March 31st, 2009
Hi Steven
If You suffer from chronic mercury poisoing You have to do mercury detox which is a very complicated.
First You have to get rid of your amalgams , this must be done by the dentist wh o will do it on a very safe manner. Do not go to ordinary dentist, find mercury free dentist.

Do not eat any fish which may contain mercury.

Do research on Internet about mercury detox.

I strongly beleive that after detox You will be free of most of your symptoms ( including bipolar) .

If You do not have money, please go to the Church, find priest and explain him Your problems.

I beleive they will help You , and i am shure You will be well soon.

All the best

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