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Not Eating Right

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hello, my family's a bit low on cash and my parents have the chance to buy healthy food an all they get is junk, i wan to eat more fruits and veggys and i'm kinda picky about meats i eat (i hate the fatty ones) altho i have been eating less, and that also concerns me, i cant eat as much as i used to, and it makes me feel sick if i eat to much.
i try to eat, but i cant eat as much, and i cant eat as often, and it annoys me >_< i want to eat for my baby. O_O is this normal? am i gonna start eating more? or is it because of the food choices my parents give me >_<

i want fruit and pickles ^_________^
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replied June 19th, 2007
Especially eHealthy
eat as much as you can. the doctor will let you know if you're not gaining enough weight.

now i'm going to sound like a big meanie, but... this is why it's best to wait until you're out on your own to have babies. you shouldn't be depending on your parents to buy the food you want to eat. i guess just be happy they're buying you any food at all.
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