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Update On Hiv Question , More Symptoms

I have previously stated that I was laced with Ketamine and I have been recieving alot of symptoms. In total these are all of my symptoms and I am extremely worried.

-Swollen nodes on my underarm
-Bumps on my forehead
-I grew a 1 inch strain of hair on my shoulder
-Very tiny tiny scab in my right ear, right shoulder, toe, and forearm
-This sounds strange, but when I look in the mirror and smile my face looks very strange and ugly
-Loss of sleep
-My penis hole is closed in, like it is sealed a little, but I am able to pee and it doesn't burn, but if I put peroxide in the hole it bubbles
-My temperature has been switching between 96 F to 98 F

I took an epson salt bath and there were alot of toxins released because of my marijuana use, and there was a long strand of hair with toxins on it. The doctor took blood from me and I should be returning to his office Thursday, however I am extremely worried and would like to recieve input.
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replied June 18th, 2007
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I responded in your other thread. That's great that you are keeping us updated. You should probably do so in your original thread however. Making a new post every time makes things confusing. You can just go into your original post and hit "post reply."

As I said in your other thread, what you describe does not sound like HIV in any way, so you should not be worrying too much about that.
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replied June 19th, 2007
I understand these might not be HIV but how would you explain the closing of my penis hole and it bubbling when i open it and put peroxide, I have also been extremely fatigued but I can't get any sleep, then again my doctor said it was from marijuana withdrawal. How also do you explain the change in my face, is this from lack of sleep and anxiety? I also noticed I grew pores on my nose and its like my nose is very swollen, before I got all these pores my nose used to run alot.

Two more days until I go to the doctor again, but I haven't found any explanation to these symptons and all he told me was that its marijuana withdrawal. I've heard that these can be symptoms of anxiety, but also symptoms of shingles..can someone please share input
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