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Whats Safe to Take Together ?

33yrs old and don’t really exercise

I’m currently taking:

Omega 3
Vit E
& Prozac.

So far I feel great and the three don’t seem to be disagreeing with each other.

I was given a bottle of ‘Milk Thistle’ I was thinking about adding into my daily. When adding another supplement/vitamin into my daily how do I know if this is safe? Id like to also add something containing calcium as I don’t get much milk intake.(suggestions?)

Thank you

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replied June 20th, 2007
I know for a fact that you shouldn't take some supplements with prozac, especially St. Johns Wart but you should contact your doctor with the questions on the others.
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replied May 27th, 2010
vitamin safety
Is it safe to take 3000mg of evening primrose oil
3600mg of triple omega 369
1200mg soy lecithin
1180mg chromium picolinate?
I am a vegatarian. No meat or fish.
Thank you
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