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urinary infection , bladder infection , kidney infection ?

Hi, my name is Alison and I'm a 19 year old junior in college. Unfortunately over a week ago, I think 2 weeks ago... I believe I developed a urinary infection or a bladder infection. This last Friday my back had a slight pain and I called a doctor to set up an initial appointment, because I think I now have a kidney infection. I don't have any insurance or anything so I've been waiting and saving money for a visit. As the weekend went by the pain has become unbearable and I'm considering a visit to the emergency room. Will I have kidney damage? Will I lose a kidney? I'm scared that maybe if I don't get medical attention now, I'll really pay for it later in my life. I'm scheduled to see a doctor on Wednesday today is Monday. Will it be too late? :'( It really really really hurts... would it be okay to use Icy Hot on my back? I don't want to take any painkillers, just in case I'm not supposed to...

Advice please? :'(
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replied June 18th, 2007
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I think you should go see your doctor. I know it's scary, but you won't know til you do. As for painkilllers, I know my doctor told me that I could not take aspirin because of my kidney damage,but I could take tylenol. Try not to worry and I wish you the best.
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replied December 20th, 2009
I've been dx with chronic uti's. I also have IC. "Intersistal Cystitis". the reason I'm writing is to let you know that yes a bladder infection can travel into the kidneys causing a lot of problems now and later if not treated a.s.a.p. If you are hurting that bad Please go on into the E.R. they can at least check you for a uti and kidney infection and get you started on an anti. they should send the urine off to a lab to ensure you on the correct anti, but at least the medicine they start you on should at least keep the infection at bay until the results come back. that normally takes three days to five days.
are you running a fever? if so this could be letting you know the infection is getting more serious.
Please get to the Doctor right away.
Best wishes.
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