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Baby Teeth @ 19 Y/o ( missing Adult Tooth ) Help Pls !!!

im 19 y/o and both my canines are still deciduous. i had them xrayed and it showed that there's no more teeth that'll grow. in short, i'm missing both my adult canines.

i'm stuck with these small baby teeth and i hate it! i want a perfect smile but the small teeth make my smile awkward. my dentist said it caused my diastema.

i'm planning to have braces but i was thinking about what to do with my baby teeth. i'm also afraid that in the future they will fall off and leave me gapped.

i hate them!!! I WANT A PERFECT SMILE!!!! what do i do with them!?! please help me... it's really affecting my confidence. i think i'm ugly because of it. help me please!!!
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replied August 5th, 2007
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you could always ask for implants.
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