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11 year old With Suspected Psoriasis

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My 11-year-old son, Kyle, is off school at the moment because he has a skin condition in the small of his back and in his groin and the upper-insides of his thighs. His skin has a bluish tinge, it's scaly and very painful. Our GP has suggested it may be psoriasis but isn't sure and so has referred him to a dermatologist, but says that it looks like August before he can get seen. Because he isn't sure about what the condition is, he's not prescribed anything except keeping the affected area clean and if it spreads or starts to weep, we are to take him back to the clinic.

We are not impressed. Our little boy can't wear trousers or even shorts because he finds the skin-to-cloth contact too painful, so at first he had to mooch around the house in a dressing gown. Next month we are going on holiday to Jordan for 3-weeks - a holiday we planned with him in mind because he is really interested in history and archaeology of which there is an abundance in Jordan. We have to get there and when we do, we don't intend to spend the whole time in the hotel and Kyle can't travel about in his dressing gown so I've bought him half-a-dozen fairly plain girls' dresses. They fit him OK and are the only thing he can wear which are comfortable and he says he'd wear them rather than miss his holiday.

Firstly, is it usual for the GP to prescribe absolutely NOTHING? Secondly, should it take 8 weeks to see a skin specialist and thirdly, should I protect his "rash" from direct sunlight or will the sun be beneficial to the condition?

Any advice would be most welcome.

Katz xx
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replied July 24th, 2007
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i have severe psoriasis over most of my body. UV lilght is excellent for psoriasis. the other thing to relieve itching and burning is the cream they use to relieve itching from chicken pox, calamine lotion i think it is, or if you can lay your hands on some, pinetarsol. its a liquid and you put a bit into bath water and it relieves symptoms of it so well. If your dr suspected psoriasis he should have prescribed pinetarsol coz it wont do any harm if it isnt fact it would still help. also if you can, dermatitis creams help too, but try to rotate what you use every coupla weeks or it stops working. once you havent used it for about a month, use it again type thing. if you have any more questions, feel free to PM me and ill be glad to help
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replied February 5th, 2010
I had moderate plack psoriasis. It covered many areas on my legs, ankles, and elbows. They lasted for years. There is a natural alternative to antibiotics called "Oregano Oil" in capsules. It is NOT the oregano we cook with. It is a derivitive of the Hyssop plant found in the Mediterranian area. Research has shown it to be as effective as Vancomyison if not more so. I was taking 4 capsules (80%-85% carvacrol)four times a day. I took this amount for almost 3 weeks for a bad case of the flu. It works against viruses, bacteria, and fungus. While taking it, I was amazed to see my Psoriasis completely healed everywhere. I had never been totally cleared before. I was clear for many months when I noticed a couple of small patches. I immediately went on 4 capsules of Oregano Oil 4 times daily and it cleared within two weeks. I went nearly a year and then found some places that had gotten about the size of a two inch circle. Took the same 4 capsules 4 times a day and in about 2 weeks they all cleared. I am, at this time, still clear. My Psoriasis was not painful and it did not itch. It was reddened areas with white scales that would flake off.
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