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Clicking And Popping I the Back of My Head.

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i have had this condition for about 15 years, it started at the age of 19 and has got worse in the past couple of years. it started when i was 19 i had alot of panic or anxiety attacks and after those were gone i was left with this constant pressure in the back of my head that will not go away it might let up a little but it's always there. also i have problems with my balance from this condition, i have been to all kinds of doctors to check my balance and the pressure and the clicking, i have had 3 mri's 2 for the brain and 1 for the cervical spine the one for the cervical spine came back that i had a bulging disc at c7/t1 i had ask the doctor can this be contributing to my condition he said no. at times this condition can very messed up to have, it makes you tired always having this pressure and clicking . well if there is anybody with any insight i would really appreciate it.

thx james
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replied December 13th, 2010
clicking and pressure in brain
I have the same thing, began just before my first panic attack and now I just have head pressure sensations and constant clicking and squelching sounds in my brain every time I move my head. it's driving my crazy and my doctor just wants to test my hearing!

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replied July 13th, 2013
Head clicking
I'm having exactly the same thing. I had panick attacks and anxiety. Now I've got a loss of balance and I feel I can't stand sometimes, or don't know which way is up (even though I did ballet from a young age and had perfect balance). I had a clicking which feels like it comes from my jaw but its all over my head and it feels related to my mental well-being, I'm a bit worried, but my mum says that I should just live with it!
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