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lately every so often my head feels funny, its almost like my ears have to pop.It also feels like my head is full but I'm not congested. Could this be allergies?
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replied March 15th, 2008
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Sinuses exist in places other than behind the nose ... so internal congestion seems possible. Changes in air pressure can cause this sensation, as well. For a full round of tests and treatment possibilities you can visit an ENT specialist ... maybe you have the beginning of a slight ear infection?
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replied November 14th, 2010
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u might have TMJ
I think u have mild case of TMJ. I have TMj, I feel head pressure, ear popping, earache at times, sensitive to noises, crushing of paper like noise in 1 ear, feeling weird from chest to head pressure like feeling, head feels like swinging or cramping sometimes. Very hard to explain the feeling, these symptoms come and go.
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