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Bump On Left Side of Neck Causing Terrible Headaches

Hello! About 3 weeks ago I found a tiny bump the size of a little pimple on the leftside of my neck, about a 1/2 inch below my hairline. I did not think anything of it, till about a week ago I started having shooting pains from the area through the left side of my head causing terrible headaches. It has also grown from a tiny pimple size to a pea size. I just want some suggestions to what this could possibly be, and if I need to see my doctor.

Thank You
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replied April 30th, 2012
lump on back of neck
I a having the very same issue. The bump is on the back of my neck on the left side near the hair line, It is causing me a shooting pain up thay side of my head and also causing neck & shoulder pain every time I touch it. It is still pimple size though. I would love to know the answer as well. Thank you.
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replied June 2nd, 2014
Migraines preceded by pimple on back of neck at hairline
I've been having migraines off and on for years, and invariably they are preceded by a small pimple on the left side, back of my neck right at the hairline!?! Anyone know why this might be?
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