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High Protein = Diabetic Nephropathy ?

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I just completed testing to be a kidney donor for my cousin. The test results came with showing high protein level (4x's normal) and as a result, they tell me I cannot be her donor.

I question the test result because I have low blood pressure, normal cholesteral, no diabetes, no history of diabetes on either side of the family, height/weight porportionate - and all other test results were normal.

I am redoing the 24hr urine testing to prove the first result wrong. I would like to know, if the first test results are correct, how could that be considering my history and other good test results?

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replied June 12th, 2007
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There could be a lot of reasons for high protein. I have read where eating too much protein or even essessive exercise can give a false reading. I would definitly repeat the test. Hope everything works out for your cousin.
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