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Hi - I have heard that it is possible to "throw off" your period by skipping the sugar pills and continuing to take the actual birth control pills after finishing one pack. I was just wondering if anyone has tried this and if they know of any side effects? I would only need to do this one month so it wouldn't be an every month event. Thanks for your help!
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replied February 29th, 2004
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Ur right it is possible to miss a period by skipping the sugar pills. Wot u do is when u finish the pill (just b4 u start the sugar pill) u go straight onto the next pack only start at the next birth control pill and continue as normal. There are some side affects such as u must not miss any pills during this time as this may cause ur period to come on prematurely therefore throwing ur whole cycle out of order. If this happens u have to wait for the next real period to start over again, also u must take it at the same time everyday so to maintain the hormone levels in ur system and u can only do it one month at a time.

So if u skip in february u must have ur next period u can only skip every second month at least thats wot I found. Other than that I dont know of any other side affects that may occur, I hope this helped and good luck.

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